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My Reason Polish List

I have used Reason avidly since 1.0. I now run Reason 3.0 (with RDK) on Windows XP, often rewired with Live. Here is my list of requests and suggestions. My suggestions are terse for the sake of clarity. No disrespect is intended - Reason rocks my world! My suggestions are - I hope - in keeping with the character of the program.

1. Combinator- Programmer- Modulation Routing: Setting Button Min and Max to same value should make the button behave as a momentary switch (e.g., reset to specified value).

2. Combinator- Programmer- Modulation Routing: Please allow more than two additional sources.

3. Combinator- Programmer- Modulation Routing: Consider adding more rotary/button controls.

4. Combinator- Programmer- Modulation Routing: Consider adding a couple of "invisible" (rear panel jacks only) CV-ins that appear in the source dropdown. These should probably only appear in the extra source dropdowns.

5. SPIDER CV: Pulse LEDs to show signal strength.

6. Matrix: Add a "free-run" switch to back of Matrix. This decouples it from the song position.

7. Cabling: Add "Fade Unconnected Devices" (with keyboard shortcut) option in Options menu. Put it under "Show Cables". This option visually fades (like when being dragged) all devices that are not (a) currently selected, or (b) connected to the currently selected device. The intention is to reduce the visual noise of the rear of the rack.

8. Cabling: Show small "mnemonic" picture of device near tool tip when hovering over a jack.

9. Usability: Allow lower case letters in all device labels (like Combinator).

10. Usability: Add "Full Screen" mode (F11). Like Ableton Live. In this mode, the main (rack) window would be borderless and occupy the entire screen.

11. Usability: Add option to make sequencer window a child of the rack window (like 2.5). I would prefer to have Reason be a single task for the purposes of Alt+Tabbing in Windows.

12. Usability: Support keymapping for "CLICK" button on Transport.

13. Usability: Add "Locked" option to devices. Accessible in a context menu that is accessed by right-clicking (or Option-clicking) the "minimize" triangle for a device. When locked, a device cannot be dragged around the rack, and the device does not respond to Alt-click "minimize all". If feedback is required, consider changing the color of the minimize triangle to red or grey when a device is locked.

14. Sequencer: Add "nudge" action to sequencer. Selected event(s) (note: not group(s)) can be nudged left or right in pixel-increments by pressing left/right-arrow key.

15. Sequencer: Add shortcut to temporarily over-ride snapping.

16. Sequencer: Add "Markers" feature in Sequencer. Add button to transport bar to drop a (incrementally numbered) marker. Allow kepmapping on this button. Ideally, markers could be sent as transport data via Rewire.

Finally, a bigger feature request:


- Adds math capabilities to SPIDER CV. The intent is to facilitate complex generative patterns.
- Four input CV ports w,x,y and z, with trimpots.
- Input voltages w,x,y and z are available for use in user-entered formulae.
- A variety of presets should be supplied.
- One output CV port "result".
- Include a visualization panel, to help "see" the curves that are being produced (like an oscilloscope trace). This is not only useful - it would also look cool!
- Possible uses: Clamp CV to a specified range. Trigger on a threshold. Create novel patterns by combining/processing incoming CVs.