About Cam

gribbly.org* is the online home of Cameron Brown. Creative director, designer, musician, mediocre programmer, caffeine addict. Seattle

This is where I accumulate interesting links... If you're looking for coherence or context, you're in the wrong place!


Development Mantras

"Hard-won Wisdom"
  • First 90%, Second 90%
  • The power of mantras
    • They are a "high concept"
    • Fundamentally: Communication. Brain to brain.
  • "He who asks..."
  • The triangle
  • Goal-driven design
  • Gameplay axioms
    • Emergent vs. scripted
    • Map to intuition
  • What not how - the secret sauce
  • What is fun, anyway?
  • Know your guy
    • This is a muscle you can exercise
    • "Immersion" video
  • No bad users, only bad systems
  • Kill your babies
  • Lead with the headline
  • Professional courtesy
    • Zero to idiot
    • To their face
  • Tying it all together: Communication
    • Overcommunication