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Geo-tagged Ambient Recordings

So I found this site called Radio Aporee. It basically takes Google Maps and lets you upload soundscapes for a specific locations. Since I've been recording random soundscapes for years (I almost never leave home without a recording device of some kind), this discovery was very exciting for me. I immediately started uploading!

black rock city, 2007, crude awakening highlights explosion fire jet, invisisci (code: 65899) - Crude Awakening, Burning Man 2007

los angeles, 2008, windchimes, invisisci (code: 87070) - this was recorded right outside our house in the mountains in LA

Haarlem, 2009, Bells of Sint-Bavokerk, invisisci (code: 45878) - from our Amsterdam trip this Xmas (Sint-Bavokerk is in Haarlem). This recording came out so clear that it sounds fake. I swear it's real!

london, 2008, NYE fireworks and countdown with Big Ben, invisisci (code: 67813) - New Years Eve on the Thames

amsterdam, 2009, canal ambience, invisisci (code: 69416) - Daytime ambience in Amsterdam

los angeles, 2008, LAX soundscape, invisisci (code: 12142) - in one of the long term parking lots at LAX. Cool 747 roar in the distance.

munich, 2008, marianplatz bells, invisisci (code: 63162)

munich, 2008, the Rathaus-Glockenspiel chimes, invisisci (code: 82209)

los angeles, 2007, rain in the mountains, invisisci (code: 94162)

london, 2006, saxophone busker, invisisci (code: 70987):