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gribbly.org* is the online home of Cameron Brown. Creative director, designer, musician, mediocre programmer, caffeine addict. Seattle

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BlogPress Feedback

• Sort tag list alphabetically
• Download all existing tags from blogger (rather than maintaining just a separate local list)
• Reduce number of steps needed to add tags to posts. Would be great to do it from the main "manage" screen.
• In "manage" screen, add small icon to show that a post has tags (green dot?) or categories (blue dot?). The goal is to quickly find untagged posts, and tag them!

BTW the reason I'm so obsessed with tagging functionality is that I update my blog via email 90% of the time. But blogger doesn't let you add tags in an email, so I have to go back and tag later. I like to do batches, so I'd like it to be streamlined.

• Allow me to set default save behavior. E.g., I always want to publish now, and never want to view blog. I want to just hit Save and have that happen!
• Maybe touch and hold save to bring up options? Simple touch does default action.

Manage Posts
• Would like to retrieve all posts (could be paged). Right now seems to be arbritrary "last n posts"