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GF Soda Bread 001

1/2 Buckwheat, 1/2 Millet. Xantham gum. Sugar and salt (2:1). Leavened with baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

Baked @ 400F without trapping steam.

* Dough was crumbly, and I worried about it hanging together. Wasn't as dough-like as i want. Might need to work the xantham gum somehow to get it to work? Or maybe it'll activate as the loaf bakes.


* Appearance: yellowish/brown. Not a great-looking crust... inside a handsome brown.
* Smell: unappealing. Not strong, but a certain funk to it that I didn't really like.
* Texture: crust and inside well differentiated. A bit fine-grained and powdery, but robust in the hand and crumbling was not a big problem in the roll format. Inside still doughy - undercooked?
* Slice test: good. Retained structure.
* Taste: bad. Soapy and bland. Actually quite unpleasant - didn't want to finish even this small test loaf. Suspect I used too much baking soda... I've put it back in the oven to see if that helps, but I suspect this one is an F.


* Cook with steam. Theory being that this will promote uptake of the baking soda.
* Use more acid/less soda.