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How to Install Windows7 to an SSD


"was pulling my hair out trying to do a fresh install of win7 on a EVGA x58 SLI mobo with a new 80gig intel g2 SSD. I tried a variety of combinations without success. Finally I figured it out and thought I would share. I wasn't sure if this should go in the OS, or DSS forum, but since this is more specific to HD types that I would post it here.

My setup:
Evga x58 SLI mobo, 920 i7, 6gigs Corsair 3x 2gig.
5870 XFX
Audigy 2ZS

2x raptor 80gig (raid 0 and yes that is 80gig it was put into some OEM systems) TLER on 7s
2x raptor 76gig (raid 0) TLER on 7s
1x external usb maxtor 320
1x Intel 80gig X25-M G2
1x Sata DVDRW

Due to port density I decided to just remove my older 76gig raptors. To have the SSD as primary OS, and Raid0 the 80gig raptors for games, DVDRW on Jcraptron controller.

Basically on the hard drive section, after partitioning and reformating in windows7 setup, it would say that win7 cannot be installed to the partition, doesn't recognize it etc etc. You will notice that when you partition it, it will not make the 100mb windows7 special partition thingy.

I tried it with hard drives in IDE, AHCI, and Raid.

This is how to NOT ride the failboat

1. Download ICH10R drivers, I got mine off of evga site, they were old but worked. For whatever reason the other drives I could install too, but the SSD required the ICH10R drivers.
2. I'm not sure whether it is the mobo, or win7 but remove all but your really needed USB drivers. I had the issue before the SSD, that win7 install borks when having certain USB devices in at install time on the x58/ICH10R combo chipset. So I had keyboard and mouse plugged in and thats it.
3. Of note this chipset combo, does not like USB win7 stick install, so I used the DVD.

Configuration Steps:
1. Put raid mode on in the bios, not ACHI, not IDE.
2. Plug HD's into ICH10R ports, SATA DVDRW on jmicron ports.
3. Set boot to DVD.
4. hit ctrl-i after bios for the Raid setup. If the SSD is single drive just leave as "non-raid". My other two raptors I put them in raid0 in this screen.
5. Boot in and install win7 clickies, until you get to the HD configuration screen.
6. Insert USB stick with raid drivers and load them, it should recognize them, click next.
7. REMOVE USB STICK (I can't stress this enough, it bugs out if you don't).
8. Partition drives, format drives and proceed with installation.
9. Winnar

You will notice if the drive loading works, as when you partition the SSD drive as your OS, it will make a 100mb windows partition, along with the main one, it's a win7 new thing. If the drivers don't load you will just get the one partition, and then it will barf when you try to install with the "can't find partition" thingy.

Also of note. The 80gig SSD was reporting as 74.5, and when creating the partition it said the max was 76xxx. It still worked, but was strange.


I really love the SSD, it's such a different feel. I was a little bit skeptical, but it really trounces my raptors at least judging by feel. The whole experiences is just snapper and very noticable."

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