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A Moment of Appreciation (for Propellerhead)

Dear Props,

Thankyou for making Reason. It's my favorite piece of software, endlessly inspiring and almost uniquely stable - talking to some friends I realized that I can't remember Reason crashing on me. Ever. In something like seven years. Not one time, across several different computers and OS revisions. It's never corrupted or lost any data.

So I just wanted to say thank you for that. What a great piece of software.

And I haven't said anything about Record... I've barely begun to comprehend the sheer awesome of Record. Good heavens.

BTW, I'm sure there will be those that can reply and say "it crashed for me a bunch!" Well, sure. OK. But my point is it's never crashed for me! That's been my experience, and I've really, really liked it =]

Thanks Props. I hope you keep doing what you do.