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Thoughts on "Capitalism: A Love Story"

Saw Michael Moore's latest yesterday. Thoughts:
  • Disagree with premise. It's not capitalism that's evil, it's greed that's evil. Proposing to replace "capitalism" with "democracy" is a non-sequitur to me.
  • Surely the solution is to control the influence of lobbyists on congress?
  • The Catholic priest railing against "a system that benefits from propaganda" was tough to take.
  • Marcy Kaptur is awesome.
  • I'm sorry, but everyone in that movie was really fat. On the plus side, it did give me a cool idea for an art piece: A really overweight Jesus on the cross. Take the iconic crucifixion image and replace the inappropriate skinny white dude with a much plumper white dude... someone who better reflects the average BMI of modern America.
  • Why were those people burning their furniture? Couldn't they donate it to someone?
  • That "plutocracy" memo was interesting. I mean, surely everyone knows that's how they think... but it's rare you get to see it in black and white.