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The Sacred Substrate

A sacred substrate or impulse has been described and named in various ways as a sacred dimension, a numinous presence, an ecstatic impulse: Holy the Firm (Dillard), the Collective Unconscious (Jung), the Great Spirit (Native American), quantum mechanical entanglement (modern physics), the Holy Spirit (the Bible), the Great Integrity (Lao Tzu), the Cosmic Religious Feeling (Einstein), Natura Naturans (Spinoza), the Eternal Beauty (Hawthorne), the Forms (Plato), the Unmoved Mover (Aristotle), the Guest (Kabir), the Prayer of Union (Saint Teresa of Avila), the Divine Imagination (William Blake), Morphic Fields (Rupert Sheldrake), the Anima Mundi or World Soul (Paracelsus), the Mysterium Tremendum (Rudolf Otto), the Designing Fire ((Zeno of Citium), the World Spirit (GWF Hegel), Apeiron or the indefinite (Anaximander), the One (Plotinus), Spiritus Insertus Atomis (Democritus), the Self-Existent (the Therapeutae), Shamanic Ecstasy (Miro), Facultas Formatrix (Kepler), the Omega Point (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin), the Cosmic Christ (Fr. Richard Rohr), the Winged Energy of Delight (Rilke), the Music without Strings (Kabir), Divine Imaginings (Herman Mellville), Tathata or suchness (Buddhism), the Existent (Uddalaka), Mind or Nous (Anaxagorus of Smyrna), the Dreamtime (Aboriginal Australia), Holy Wind (Navajo), the Inscape of Things (Gerald Manly Hopkins), the Wholly Other (Meister Eckhart), Ein Sof (Kabbalism), the Great Soul (John Muir), hierophany (Eliade), invisible fecundity (Thomas Merton), divine presence (Shekinah).